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"°Coolway has given me that straight hair look that I always tried to get myself and it’s incredible to have a product that really works for me… I can’t believe I can get this look with just a blow dryer! It feels so free and natural and smooth—really effortless. And it keeps that lush movement and volume." –Ashley

“As I’ve gotten older, my hair’s gotten bigger and frizzier. Split ends are a problem … ºCoolway has tamed my hair, which is unbelievable… It’s just so soft and it moves and it bounces. And THE STYLE WILL LAST ME THREE OR FOUR DAYS." –Theresa

“Since using ºCoolway, it’s just been so much better, so much shinier, without having to work so hard. It just feels nice. It moves. It’s not flat. I feel good that people like my hair and they compliment my hair, and I DID IT WITH HALF THE HEAT IN HALF THE TIME." –Jennifer

“It’s just so soft and so smooth, and it’s so strong, and YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW BY LOOKING AT MY HAIR OR BY FEELING MY HAIR THAT IT’S REALLY WAVY AND FRIZZY. It feels straight, and it looks naturally straight. I mean, this is the hair I’ve always dreamed of having." –Madeline

“What I love about ºCoolway is that IT IMMEDIATELY SMOOTHES YOUR HAIR DOWN and that it just gives your hair such luster. It’s just an awesome product. My hair feels stronger. It feels healthier. It has a natural sheen to it. I feel just like a new person." –Regina

“You spray, you blow dry you go! Good hair makes a great day and ºCoolway makes that easy. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPEND HOURS AT A SALON GETTING YOUR HAIR BLOWN OUT. YOU CAN DO IT IN A MATTER OF MINUTES IN YOUR BATHROOM." –Megan

“STRAIGHTENING MY HAIR MYSELF IS SO HARD. IT TAKES FOREVER. BUT WITH TRANSFORM, I CAN DO IT and it’s not like this whole morning thing. My hair feels softer and healthier. And I know I’m not ruining my hair." –Ella

“The quality of my hair is actually improving. My ends are not split. My hair feels silky smooth. It’s not getting frizzy. And ºCoolway DOESN’T WEIGH DOWN MY HAIR. You forget that you used it. That’s the awesome part." –Andi

“RIGHT AFTER I APPLY THE SPRAY AND START BLOW-DRYING I CAN SEE THE MAGIC… I love that I can have this fun, sexy, sleek look and then in a couple days, I can wash my hair and be right back to my normal self." –Mahal

“What I like about ºCoolway is my hair feels really naturally healthy shiny and smooth and there’s a lot of movement to it….where If I was using multiple products in the past I wouldn’t have as much movement and it wouldn’t look as healthy and shiny as this. IT’S SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT. You spray it on the hair and it doesn’t weigh it down." –Carly

“My hair is very coarse and after blow-drying normally I look like a lion. My old stylist used a hot comb, and you know it looked pretty and silky and everything but when my hair’s curly I can see the damage—a lot! So I love the fact that this is less heat. My hair still looks just as good. It feels good. It’s SILKY AND WITH LESS DAMAGE." –Crystal

“I DON’T HAVE THE BREAKAGE THAT I HAD WITH MY OLD FLAT IRON. It’s really great. I can do my hair the day before, put my hair up in a pony tail, sleep all night, and then in the morning, pull out my pony tail, and I don’t have a bump. It’s amazing." –Cindy

“I am a mother of five. I also have my own business. So I don’t have the time to spend three hours on my hair… ºCoolway allows me to cut the temperature in half; I mean, even my blow-drying time is cut in half. Now I HAVE BODY AND MOVEMENT AND EVERYONE NOTICES IT. I LOVE IT. I can’t stop touching my hair." –Stephanie

“ºCoolway has made it super easy to blow dry my hair smooth. You get the bounce. You get the shininess. You get the volume… it helps you straighten it. It’s so great to find just one product that makes you feel like you stepped out of the salon everyday. ITS REALLY LIKE A BLOW DRY BAR IN A BOTTLE." –Stephanie

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